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Grom races will run April 10 through May 8

Races are 25 minutes and start at 5:15pm

Groms are 8th grade and younger, and race for FREE

thanks to our generous sponsorship from Mike's Bikes


Team competition will be April 17 through May 15

Team categories are 3-4 racers, or 5+ racers

Teams must turn in their completed team form before the start of the April 17 race.

No team member changes are allowed after April 17.

The Team Competition form is here, please print it and bring it to the April 17 race.


Your number plate with timing chip is yours for the season. Please hang on to it, replacements are $5. You will not be timed without a PCRS-issued plate and chip.

Points will be awarded as follows: 1st place 50 points, 2nd place 49 points, 3rd place 48 points, you get the idea. Season ties will be broken by number of first places, second places, third places, etc. 

Your best 7 results count toward season points (best 4 for groms). Poker class earns no points.

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