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OUR MISSION is to bring the community together on Wednesday evenings for  some great local racing with friends, family and FUN!


HISTORY: The Prairie City mountain bike races were started in 1995 by a local frame builder, Sherwood Gibson of Ventana Mountain Bikes. In those days we had 60 to 70 riders each race for 5 or 6 weeks. It was a weekly get together with your friends for some great fun hometown competition. The series grew larger and larger under the guidance of Brian Joder of Bicycling Events, to the point that in the early 2010s attendance regularly exceeded 500 racers weekly, peaking at almost 600! When Brian decided to step back, Clipped In Races took over management of PCRS from 2018 through 2021, which unfortunately was made extra challenging by the Covid-19 pandemic. In 2022 Frank and Asa Shoemaker, who bring you Folsom Rodeocross, grabbed the reins and will drive the series for the foreseeable future.

Today we're a 8 race series with 200+ riders per race. Who knew those many years ago that we would grow into one of the largest weekly race series in the Western United States! Our focus is still: community, family, friends and FUN.

Thank all of you that have supported this great event over the years and we look forward to many years to come.

If you miss the previous website, it's archived here.

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